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    my name is Jude im 25 years old I live in chennai ,I had pimple on my face now it is not there but because of the breakout of the pimples pores and scars are developed and they are distinctly seen ,Im tired of trying lot of remedies but nothing worked out i surfed and found that "cherly open pores serum " will help to get rid of this problem.Does it really work and will i get smooth clear skin back??? please reply as soon as possible waiting for your reply...

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    Mrs Megha Raskar

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    I have dark circles past 3-4 years.which product of Cherils can help me ...is there any treatment based product ....I am 35 yrs old ..working....have started drinking 2-3 litres of water daily .

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    Hi ,

    I have used your Cheryl's oxyblast facial kit , I got this done from my parlor in delhi, I just wanted to know that I have acne on my face and is this product suitable for my skintype. kindly suggest any other product from your end.

    waiting for a prompt reply

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    hello.. m 22 yrs old.. m using dermalite fairness kit.. it is showing good result in terms of fairness but m getting pimples perviously i didnt have pimples only face... kindly suggest..
    thanks :)

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    hemantika basu

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    hello! i reside in guwahati, India. i have been using the sunblock for over 3 years and i can say it is a wonderful product. non-sticky and very comfortable during summers. however i want to share a concern. i am suffering from freckles over the check area and also my skin looks very dry, dull and dehydrated. i am 30 years of age. please suggest a skin care regime that will make my skin look radiant.

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    Ankit ahir

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    After apply clarifying acne spray on face we can clean our face with nap?

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    Hello ! Where is the hair care range featured ? I suffer from severe dandruff and wanted a suitable product for the same !
    Also do you have a range of sun blocks ?

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    my age is 26...
    when i washed my face its dry, skin will peeling.. if i m nt applying any cream after few minute its become nrml... Presenly i m using fair & lovely fairness crem its suits me.... because after wash if ii m using any other cream my skin is oily,.....
    i haven't any mark on my face....
    plz advise me which product of cheryls i m using for tanning or glowing my face.....
    my sking colour is whitish

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  • Dear Nazish,
    If your skin is not sensitive you may undergo Cheryl's TanClear Facial & follow up with Cheryl's DermaLite Fairness HomeCare Kit. However, it is necessary for us to ascertain your exact skin type before recommending you any appropriate solution. Please inbox your conact details to enable us to reach out to you & assist you in this regard. Alternatively, you may call our Customer Care on the number mentioned below.

    Cheryl's Customer Care
    1800 22 1802

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    u k kale

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    how to buy online product

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